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St. John's Child Development Center
300 West Innes Street.  Salisbury, NC 28144   704-636-6756

The St. John's Child Development Center (CDC) opened on September 13, 1999, to provide support to parents in the growth and development of their child. We nurture and care for infants and toddlers, ages six weeks to Kindergarten, in a Christian environment with  well-defined educational objectives.

As a Four Star licensed facility, the CDC offers qualified staff members who provide developmentally appropriate activities in a kind, loving environment with individual and small group attention.

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VISION (that motivates us)

To offer our community a diversified, quality enhanced, religious based child development center available to all families and children.


MISSION (that defines us)

To make our community a better place by:

  • Nurturing and guiding a generation of infants, pre-toddlers, toddlers and youngsters;
  • Creating a place where our Employees can learn and grow and be fulfilled in their work;


PURPOSE (that guides us)

Our ultimate purpose is our dedication to providing quality childcare to all children through nurturing them spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically each day.



 St. John’s CDC fills enrollment openings through the use of a Waiting List.  To apply for Waiting List status, interested parties must come in person to the Center and fill out a brief Waiting List Pre-Enrollment Form.  We will do our best to provide a facility Tour if staffing is available.


The Waiting List Pre-Enrollment Form is NOT  a GUARANTEE of an opening.  Interested parties should stay in touch with the Center by calling or stopping by (preferably once a month) following the initial visit.


If the Center has not been contacted within six months of the initial visit (to indicate the continuing interest in an opening); the Waiting List Pre-enrollment Form is purged from the records at St. John’s CDC.  St. John’s CDC cannot maintain Pre-Enrollment Forms longer than six months if no further contact has been made by either party.


St. John‘s CDC accepts deposit money ONLY when an opening has been officially identified and is offered to the Waiting List family.  At that time, a non-refundable $50 (plus $25 for each additional child) is required to hold the opening for a period not to exceed two weeks.  If the child has not officially enrolled within that two week period, following the paid deposit; the opening is withdrawn, the deposit is NOT refunded and the opening is offered to another family on the Pre-Enrollment Waiting List.


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